Engineering materials for a greener future

NMAM group undertakes research devoted to searching for novel and cost-effective approaches to improve the efficiency of materials for Energy-related areas helping to effectively develop a "greener future". Our approaches can be considered general and hence we expect to apply them to several other tecnological areas.
Youtube research presentation on 3D-printing technology: "Printing a Green Future" (spanish), (english)
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    Nuclear, Solar, Biofuels, wind and other renewables, etc.

    This collection of feature articles from Nature looks at the technologies and science base needed to meet the challenge of clean energy on a global scale, taking in everything from artificial photosynthesis to hybrid cars, and from nuclear power to biofuel shrubs.

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    The aim of this collection of articles is therefore to focus on what materials-based solutions can offer and show how the rational design and improvement of their physical and chemical properties can lead to energy-production alternatives that have the potential to compete with existing technologies.

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    NAMES group

    Research collaboration established with the participation in the NAMES group of Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy.